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Unfortunately, we haven't had any babies this year.



Holly Burmese kitties found their families
British Longhair babies are awaited for Septembre 1st

April - May - June

Holly Burmese kitties are born on April 19th. They are available for reservation since May 20th


Holly Burmese kitties are awaited for mid-April



Holly Burmese kitties are born on May 14th



British kitties are born on May 15th


A few pictures on the site and much more on the Facebook page


Holy Burmese kitties are born on March 25th



Lots of pictures here and even more on Facebook .


Faye's babies are born June 29th 2013.

1 blue female, 1 blue tabby female, 1 tortie and white female & 1 cream and white male

Hémy-Lou will still be too young. We'll have to wait up to spring 2014 for Holy Burmese babies.




All babies left their mom now.

July 27th

Pictures of Faye's babies born on July 17th


June 20th, 27th, July 8th, 31th

More pictures !

June 4th

Kitties are born early this morning. There are 2 boys (86gr & 116gr) & 2 girls (76gr). Have a look at their pictures !

April 22th

Bulle will have babies around June 4th.

Fay (british longhair) is now Champion !