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Kitties 2008

All babies left and joined their new family.

April 10th

Domino is thelast available kitty from the 2008 year. He is now already sterilized.

November 2sd

All sacred burmese are sold.

Still 2 marvellous persians are available

October 4th

September 17th

August 30th

August 21st

Bulle's babies are born saturnay night

...& there are beautifull pictures of Donuts & Domino

July 28th

July 15th

Unfortunately, Diamond is no more unless all care.

june 28th

Here are the first pictures of Donut, Domino et Diamond

June 9th

Bulle is presently again at Amiecat van Thymar with Envy (http://www.thymar.be). The first time was not succesfull.

Jelly has got her babies since this morning :
- male cream & white,
- male blue & white,
- female blue.

April 14th

Bulle is presently at Amiecat van Thymar with Envy (http://www.thymar.be)

Jelly is presently at the Cattery of la vallée des Bleuets with Valdo (http://shiva09.skyblog.com/)

We should have babies around june 15th and they should be able to leave about August 23th .