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Our Ladies

Bulle du Manoir d'Anjou : Blue Tabby point,
daughter of Ophélie, Grand daughter of Javanaise.


Hémy-Lou des rêves félins : Lilac Tabby point,
grand-daighter of Bulle. We hope she will have beautiful babies from 2014.

Hemy-Lou pictures gallery

Fay, British Longhair, joined us recently. She is now Champion and will be able to have babies very soon.

Fay's pictures gallery 

Constance has join the family in November 2016.
She is coming out Saint Petersburg from Russia. We hope to have her frist babies end of 2017 or early 2018 after she'll be Champion.
Have a look onthe FB page for more pictures.


Jelly arrived in November 2005 but is already sterilized.


She mase the "Cover" of amagazine & a calender


Our Gentleman

Cupidon is Akija's son. He made it very clear to us that he wanted to stay with us.

In Memoriam

Douna, ou Labrador, accompagnied our cats for more than 13 years. She died in November 2017.

Bonzaï du Manoir d'Anjou : Our most fragile little boy. He left on May 28th 2013. He was almost 7 years.

Ophélie du Manoir d'Anjou daughter of Javanaise : she was 14 years old

Javanaise d'Emmée : She was amost 17 years old

Akija went away in my arms on August 20th 2009

Lola des Petits Joyaux left on October 14th 2005.
I'll keep her in my heart.