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Kitties 2010

Féline : blue point female
Fun : 
blue tabby point female

Flavour : seal tabby point female
Fashion :
seal tabby point female

Flocon : blue tabby point male
Frisson :
blue tabby point male

October 28th

All kittens left & found a new home. We hope to have Sacred Burmese & Long-Hair British next spring.

September 14th

August 23th

August 16th

August 3rd


Juli 21st


June 26th

June 13th


June 6th

6 beautiful babies were born on June 3rd. There are 4 females and 2 males. One is tiny, born 56 grams. We are watching very closely to give him the best chance of survival.
Pictures will come very soon.

April 16th

Bulle will have babies around June 1st.

March 30th

Bulle is presently with Dario of the van Thymar Cattery (http://www.thymar.be)

We should have babies in June and they should be able to leave about August 15th .

January 4th

6 prachtige baby's werden geboren 03.06 Er zijn 4 vrouwtjes en 2 mannetjes met een kleine, geboren op 56 gram Wij zijn zeer nauwlettend in de gaten om de beste kans op overleving te geven.