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Kitties 2006

Baylee & Baldwyn  left their mother now.
Bulle stays with us and will now take the role of her mother who will retire.
Bonzaï Stays also with us. Despite his illness we dicided to take care of him as long as he'll live.

We hope having new babies spring 2007.


26 november

from 15 october till 10 november

from 1th october until 15 october

from september 9th up to september 30th

September 3th  

Some pictures of "Bouchon" ;


August 30th & September 1st

 August 24th & 25th

August 15th

Bouchon in the scarf of its mistress


First contact with our dog, Douna

August 10th

August 6th

The kittens were finally born!

We awaited them about July 20th, they were made wait until the evening of the 22th.

And their birth is worthy of the history of the 101 Dalmatians.

A terrible storm started when the first baby announced himself... in seat. After a score of minutes, I decided to leave in the veterinary surgeon, under a rain beating and without street lighting, the poor small mom laying in her cage.

Arrived at the veterinary, the baby was there !

We thus returned home for the birth without problem of the second then third, unfortunately still-born child. Ophélie made her toilet and settled to nurse her babies, I thus went to bed.

And Sunday morning, there were two other kittens at the sides of the two first!

One of both was very small, 67 grams only.

The evening, all the small family slept so that I did not want to awake them.

But monday morning, "Baby Boy", had nothing any more but 60 grams. I had to leave to customers in province for the day and I had little hope to find it living the evening.

But the evening, baby cat was always alive. I took the substitution milk and a small syringe to be used as feeding-bottle and I began the operation "rescue of Baby Boy".

There were tops and bottoms, catches of weight and cough, difficulties of all kinds, but two weeks later, although it still shows between 30 and 60 grams of difference with his brother and his sisters, he is well.

Gosh, I will not have risen three times per night for nothing.

It seems that there are two small males and a small female being Blue Tabby and that a small female is Seal Tabby.

Here are the pictures :

August 5th

August 3th

August 1st

Ophélie & Verdi during their Honeymoon